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30 Habits for Happiness

October 21, 2017


What do you want out of life? Happiness seems to be elusive for so many of us. But why is that?


When we are younger, we often don't think about the quality of our relationships. These relationships can greatly impact our quality of life, even if we are eating all the right things, exercising often, and practicing good sleep hygiene.


We are a species that desires meaningful connections, the ability to love openly, and show compassion. We should never underestimate how important the connection is between our mind and our body. Our psychology literally effects our physiology...


Some of these tasks may be easy to implement, or maybe you already do a number of these everyday. Others will be more daunting and challenging because it requires you to get outside your comfort zone. In my opinion, it is necessary to break through these thresholds in order to see exponential self growth. It gives us a different perspective. It builds confidence...


So I challenge you. Take a step. Take a step you've never taken before that will propel you toward your goals, whether that be health and wellness based, or life. The worse thing that could happen as you go back to your old habits, right? But hey, at least you tried. Keep pushing, keep moving forward. There is always an answer and there is always a way.

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