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Rate These 5 Areas of Your Health

January 24, 2018

Rate these 5 areas of your life on a scale from 1-10, 10 being exceptional:


• Overall health: do you have a zest for life? One full of vitality and exuberance?

• Body: are you happy with it? Why or why not?

• Spirituality: how do you relate to the world around you? Do you feel like you are a part of the overall universe?

• Career: are you living your purpose?

• Relationships: do the people you associate with build you up or tear you down? Do they support your goals? Do they challenge you to demand more of yourself and inspire you to grow? Do you inspire or challenge those around you?


Which ones were not a 9 or 10? Physically write these down. What would it take from you to get there? What would your life look like if they were a 10? What would it mean to you?


We are now 2 weeks into 2018 and for most of us, we have set several new goals/intentions for ourselves for the new year. The start of the new year has always been a turning of a new leaf, a fresh start for many of us to take on new challenges and prepare ourselves for success. With every goal, we must have an actionable plan in order to accomplish these goals. For many of us, we fail not because we are lazy, but because we lack the right plan!


Check in with yourself right now...are you on track to accomplish these goals? If no, why not? What is it that you need to get there? What questions should you be asking? If you’re struggling with your health, or life in general, I’m here to help! Email me at eatfunctionalfoods@gmail.com to inquire about life and wellness coaching. #2018




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